USU Genomics Capstone Program

The USU Genomics Capstone program is an elective of one or two months, USUHS medical students will learn more about clinical genomics, laboratory genomics, and issues specific to the military.

  • Offered twice per year
  • Combination of:
    • Existing structure and field-tested introductory genomic curriculum
    • Technological advances that simulate team-based learning experience
    • Clinical genomic experiences across specialties
    • Molecular genomic interpretation activities
    • Individual interest-based project

Students who complete the project will:

  • Become familiar with the relevant literature and resources surrounding the field, and a specific topic chosen
  • Gain exposure to clinical genomics and molecular genomics
  • Appreciate military-specific considerations and other ethical issues regarding modern genomics
  • Understand translation of genomic data into precision-medicine care

For more information regarding the USU Genomics Capstone Program contact Lydia Hellwig:

USU Student Bioinformatics Initiative (SBI)

Bioinformatics analyses of complex datasets have emerged as a routine component of biomedical research projects at USU, accelerated by the Next Generation Sequencing resources provided by CMPH and TAGC. In response to this demand, GEO and OCIO collaboratively launched the Student Bioinformatics Initiative (SBI) in 2020, a program to provide graduate students and other trainees both with access to a cloud computational laboratory for conducting bioinformatics research, and the educational and consultation resources to fully utilize the laboratory. In November 2021, SBI was formally integrated into CMPH. To-date, SBI has worked with 35 participants from across the School of Medicine to enable their bioinformatics research needs.

The SBI Currently offers access to two cloud-based services:

    • Google Colaboratory (Colab) is a web application that enables students to write and annotate Python or R code from the convenience of their web browser
    • Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is a fully-fledged enterprise cloud environment meant for running computationally-intensive processing and analysis tasks using Google’s extensive network of data centers across the United States.

For more information regarding the USU SBI contact Andrew Frank at